Ten Ways to be Greener

Ten ways that your organisation can help the environment.

At InHouse we have developed ten ways to reduce the carbon impact of your marketing.

List arrow Get a Good Website

Put as much information as possible on an accessible content-driven website. Whilst some (customers/tenants) may have limited access, almost all stakeholders will have. Text and documents can be easily updated and files can be shared via an intranet or extranet. Board minutes and papers available on-line will reduce paper usage. Creating and uploading electronically is as easy as printing and has a much less damaging effect on the environment.

List arrow Print Exact Quantities

Most companies order print in 1000s quantities. If you are only mailing to a database of 9158 and you only need 200 spare copies, then print 9358 rather than 10,000. On its own, it may not save a great amount of money and trees, but if this is a quarterly A4 16pg newsletter, it could save 22,400 sheets of A4 over the year!

List arrow Print onto FSC or (part) Recycled Paper

Print everything on FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council), recycled or part-recycled stock. Paper quality has substantially improved in the last ten years and many papers are FSC approved. FSC means that the paper stock can be traced back to the original forest and ensure that replacement stock is planted in its place just in time for your next newsletter in ten years time.

List arrow Communicate your Commitment.

If you are using a FSC paper stock then make sure that the logo is printed on the back of your brochure or on your stationery. Likewise if you are using a recycled or part-recycled stock make sure that it is seen. It may only be a small thing, but from tiny acorns, big oaks grow.

List arrow Digital is Good

Short run digital is more effective than minimum order traditional litho print.

List arrow Simplify your Messages

It is the message that is the key to effective communication not the packaging. The simpler the message the more effectively it will be communicated. By using creative forms of communication, the impact on the environment can be reduced.

List arrow Plant a Tree

Plant a tree for every 10,000 sheets of A4 that are used. InHouse has teamed up with a local scheme ABLE 2 to regenerate a patch of disserted land. The planting scheme will return the area to a thriving eco-system and will provide learning opportunities for young people from a variety of backgrounds. http://www.greenbusinessnetwork.org

List arrow Manage Databases Effectively

Rather than just sending a mailing to everyone on the database, consider whether or not everyone needs to receive it. Would some groups benefit more from a telephone call or a personal visit? Databases make our business-lives easier but they are only as good as the data they contain.

List arrow Keep Good Records

Exactly how many brochures have you given out in the last year? How many leaflets were sent out in that last mailshot? How much stationery do we go through a month? By maintaining accurate records it will allow you to monitor usage levels and order more accurately next time.

List arrow Use Technology not Paper

By disseminating information electronically where possible (through email and web) the impact on the environment will be reduced. E-mailers such as this can reach target customers at a fraction of the cost of a brochure mailout. By using PDFs and email for proofing and sign off, turnaround times can be increased and the impact on the environment reduced.

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